10 Toastmasters Promises ( The toastmasters promises are right on the application to become a Toastmaster)

12th promise and very important CC club policy:

Once a month is a good goal to speak.
See www.John321go.com for ideas to get MOST of of club membership.
We are your speaking gym membership.
Practice monthly at a minimum.  Leadership Roles also give you practice.
It is highly recommended all members sign up in advance.
We do have up to 10 weeks in advance to sign up.  That is a long time and great example of PREPARATION.  A fine attribute. Woohoo!!

Please please please.
Before signing up for speeches please WATCH John’s 2 talks here.  Use John’s 3 2 1 GO method for our club which can be found here: john321go.com (In a nutshell or put in more simple terms, do 1 speech a month per memberDo 2 times a major role per month per member (GE, TM, TT).  Do 3 minor roles per month per member.  Timer, Grammarian, Ah Counter, Body Language, Chat Monitor, Inspiration.

That said, ALL roles and speakers per meeting are ALL major.  The TEAM makes the DREAM work.

Thank you ALL for contributing to our weekly online Toastmaster club. The greatest compliment to our club members is to refer a work colleague, a friend, a family member, or a total stranger, a client, etc etc.

Doing all the above we all get the MOST out of a Toastmaster club, especially our club.  Woohooo!!


Best regards,
Club President
561-302-0051 Text or Voice
paul@paulfinkelstein.com Email
866-443-0873 Toll Free

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