History is made tonite, May 9th, 2017 – The 1st online Meeting for CompetitiveCommunicators.com Pre Charter Toastmasters club….(Tuesday night EST time zone – Turn off your TV and see the entertainment, the practice value, the Speech muscle value and so much more…)

Welcome to Competitive Communicators!  Tonite we just had our first kickoff meeting!  We are headed to 25 to 35 charter strength members in the next 3 to 6 months.  Think of professionals and professional caregivers, sales professionals, Toastmasters who would like to get an additional speech project completed, brand new Toastmasters, Guests and everyone who can use the Toastmaster program to get the edge on life.  Retired golfers also would like to achieve more goals.

We ran the meeting exactly how a Toastmaster, future Toastmaster and guest would expect a Toastmaster meeting to be run.  The Sergeant at arms opens the meeting and has the venue or online tools open to working par,  Then the virtual lectern is turned over to the Club President Pro Tem for introductions.  Next the President introduces the Toastmaster of the day to explain the three parts to a Toastmaster meeting.  We did exactly that!

I think I heard 6 to 7 table topics tonite!  What a marathon!  I think the participants from Table topics got their money’s worth from tonite!  Did I tell you?  No dues and No charge for meetings until we officially charter!!!  What!!!!  A FREE Pre Charter Toastmaster meeting!!  Crazy, BUT exciting!!

We listened to 1 prepared ice breaker speech by Paul Finkelstein from Delray Beach, FL, ‘USA. And we heard from our meeting General Evaluator, John Gentithes and Evaluator of the day, Zaldy Co, from Manila, Philippines.

Visit www.CompetitiveCommunicators.com for MORE INFORMATION about the time zone converter, the times, and more details about us.  Please join us as a guest!  Guests can participate, BUT it is totally OPTIONAL.

Too much FUN.  So much practice.  Where Leaders are made!

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