Our 4th demo pre charter Toastmaster club meeting – Typical Toastmaster FULL agenda with spice of online features….

Let’s E Meet!!! See our club info below….

ENTER Club online meeting HERE. (Tuesdays 7:30pm EST)
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The early adopters are out and the race has begun.  10 online clubs are official and we’re aiming to be a chartered official club also for Tuesday nights.  Same great program, but combined advanced speakers and new speakers together for plenty of mentoring.  Mentoring at all levels.  Friendship also of course.

4 weeks ago we launched this online demo meeting pre charter Toastmaster club.  We started with 3 and then 4 and then 11 attendees.  We now have 2 club sponsors and 2 club mentors! The plan is coming together.  Meeting Toastmasters and Guests around the world right here in this virtual meeting with Zoom web based software is exciting!  So far we have had guests from Canada, Malaysia, Philippines, Florida, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Australia to name a few!!!

It takes a TEAM to run an effective Toastmasters meeting or any meeting.  Running and organizing a Toastmaster meeting really helps run any meeting.  The experience is very valuable.  I am so impressed and pleased with our progress.  The new friendships is an added bonus!  Ongoing communication and leadership skills through the Toastmaster educational program is so valuable too!

I urge anyone who has never attended a Toastmaster meeting or an online Toastmaster meeting to try it out.  Try it on by observing and participating by signing up right after being a guest.  The speech manuals and leadership manuals walk you through the entire process. There is no guessing.  We follow the path Toastmasters have carved for over 90 years.

Click on one or both of the meeting links from tonite.  the first 1/2 hour is for sound check, mingling, happy hour, unwind from the day, and the official club meeting is 1 hour.  A very packed agenda 1 hour.  But we stayed on track.  We followed the Toastmaster system or program.

See you next Tuesday.  Ready?
Kindest regards,
Paul Finkelstein, Club Sponsor, ACG ALB
William Thomas, Club Sponsor, ACS, CL
Michelle Orsi, Club Mentor, ACG, ALB
John Gentithes, Club Mentor, ACS, CL

Video Recording/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RepetitiveCompetitiveCommunicators/videos/245177542628951/
Youtube: https://youtu.be/jGzYKfl0dkI
3 inspiring speeches
3 evaluations
Table topics
http://CompetitiveCommunicators.com <–ENTER TUESDAY MEETING HERE – And all the deets!!  Let’s E MEET!!!
You compete with yourself!

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