Over 300 views on youtube and counting…

Check out our youtube videos from our first few meetings!  This will give you an idea what happens during a Toastmaster meeting or a 100% online Toastmaster meeting too!


The link above has 6 videos from the past 6 online meetings.
Check out the speeches and roles from various Dedicated Fellow Toastmasters from around the world.  Mexico, Malaysia, Australia, Hong, Kong, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, Oregon, and beyond.

Yes, We run an International 100% online Advanced Toastmaster club.

Most of our pre charter members are already involved with Toastmasters at clubs around our world.  We have DTM’s, past District Directors, CC’s, Advanced Toastmasters, Leaders and more.

Hope you enjoyed a few of our early speeches as we aim to complete our charter papers as soon as we have 20 paid charter applications turn in…

So far, we stand at 13 applications and just 7 to go.  June 30th is the date and deadline we are aiming  toward.  They say when your have a goal and a deadline it motivates people.

If you know someone who is a current Toastmaster, especially with at least 3 speeches completed, and would like to broaden the scope of their training for SCREENS, please email us today at: CC@competitivecommunicators.com or paul@paulfinkelstein.com

We think that face to face communication is very important.  We also think face to face using a screen is another tool for our communication choices.  Whether we are using our phone, tablet, TV, podcast, social media, youtube videos and more, honing our Public Speaking skills through Toastmasters online & offline can have tremendous advantages for all levels of business and life experiences.

Thanks for stopping by and making us part of your day and or weekly meetings.

best regards,
Paul Finkelstein, ACG ALB, Club Sponsor
William Thomas, ACS CL Club Sponsor
Michelle Orsi, ACG ALB Club mentor
John Gentithes, ACS CL Club Mentor

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