Every Toastmasters club agenda follows a standard agenda, but of course the order of roles might vary (Here’s what my home club follows below:)

Hi Future Toastmasters, Fellow Toastmasters, and Most Welcome guests,

My home club in West Boca Raton, FL keeps its meetings flowing smooth and on time because they have a system.  My home club also has achieved Presidents distinguished for over 14 years in a row!  In plain English, The ENTIRE TEAM, at a club achieve its goals.  It takes a team to run a Toastmaster meeting or ANY meeting.  I am grateful and thankful for my teams efforts.  Having a team in place makes being President a breeze.  Here are some PDF’s below to give you an idea how our meetings at my in person club function.   I encourage you to take a peek.  Maybe you will see an idea you can suggest to your own club officer team in your part of the world.  It is all about empowering our members and future members to be better communicators and leaders.  Right?  Yes or Yes?  

Paul Finkelstein, ACG ALB Club Sponsor

Facing Table Topics:

Help mentor a fellow member:

Be a fabulous ah counter:

Evaluator Guidance:

General Evaluator guidance:

Be a successful Table Topics master:

TOD – Toastmaster of the Day:

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