UPDATED/Actual Members list

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Did you renew thru March 31 2019 yet????THESE Stars are the first to renew includes new members…
-Michelle Orsi Paid TI, but NOT club 5.25……
-Aaron – Mr President
and counting….
-Sheryl Poirier
-Joan Garner
-Diane R
-Harry????????? Paid TI????? and Not club 5.25…….
-Joanne F

ALL members MUST renew to continue thru March 2019..
$50.25 paypal here: www.Faststartcc.com

1.All members receive Toastmaster mag

2.Toastmaster International member number
3. Access to our site to sign up for a role or give a speech in a safe environment to practice your craft
4. Mingle 
5. Connect worldwide
6. and more…
Don’t Delay: Email:  cc@competitivecommunicators.com to join today!!


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NOTE: Congrats CC Club Team!  As of February 2018, TOGETHER we achieved Presidents Distinguished in just 7 months!  The bar has been set for the next term of club officers.  July 2018 to July 2019 looks to be another exciting Online Toastmaster club year!

Actual members List


What Toastmasters award are you aiming for Fiscal year 2018-2019??
Any Club Officer can submit your education award.
ALL members in Pathways must take online assessment AFTER they give a speech or project thru Pathways.  Club VPE and Club Secretary will help you move thru your Path…

Become a better version of you.  Compete with YOU.

If you want to get better, sign up for speaker and or a role.
Try John’s 3-2-1 go method….

1. Ellen Goldfarb, ACB, ALB cm
(CM=Charter Member)
2. Paul Finkelstein,ACG, ALB, Club Sponsor, President July 2017-18 cm Renewal paid 9/30/18 paid thru March 31 2018***********
3. Robert Owens,DTM cm

4. Tricia Grow cm Renewal paid 9/30/18 paid thru March 31 2018****
5. Michelle Orsi, ACG, ALB, Club Mentor cm Renewal paid 9/30/18 PAID thru March 31 2019******
6. Martin Green,CC, CL, Vice President Education cm Renewal paid 9/30/18 PAID thru March 31 ****
7. Michelle Alba-Lim,DTM, Vice President Public Relations cm Renewal paid 9/30/18
8. John Gentithes, ACB, CL, Treasurer, Back up Club Mentor cm Renewal paid 9/30/18
9. Sheree Thomas,DTM cm Renewal paid 9/30/18
10. Astrith Sua cm
11. Rolando Goldman, CC cm Renewal paid 9/30/18
12. Mark Worthy, DTM cm
13. Todd Selle cm
14. Misako Yoke cm
15. Neil Auguste,CC cm Renewal paid 9/30/18
16. Marla Hochman, CC, CL, Club Secretary cm Renewal paid 9/30/18 paid thru March 31 2019
17. Sue Ness, DTM cm
18. Rasheed Hooda, DTM cm Renewal paid 9/30/18
19. Magdalena Van Rooyen ACG, CL, cm

20. Aaron Leung,ACS, ALB, Sergeant At Arms cm Renewal paid 9/30/18 paid thru March 31st 2019 Mr President

Our First members below :


21. Charles Julia – Paid thru Sept 30th, 2018
22. Seth Hochman, ACG, ALB, Club Mentor Renewal paid 9/30/18 paid thru march 31 2019
23. Evie Alexander, CC Renewal paid 9/30/18
24. William Thomas, ACS, CL, Vice President Membership, Club Sponsor Renewal paid 9/30/18 Renewed thru march 31 2019
25. Alireza Movahedian Renewal paid 9/30/18
Smedley Award
26. Adrienne Williams Renewal paid 9/30/18
27. Dawn Nocera Renewal paid 9/30/18
28. Debbie Wemyss
29. Na’Tisha Natt
30. Saed Ahmed Sulub Renewal paid 9/30/18
Talk up Toastmasters Award
31. Norma Guerrero
32. Jerry Lindsey Renewal paid 9/30/18
33. Tanay Kumar Saha
34. Teresa A. Palmer, DTM Renewal paid 9/30/18
35. Kannan Sankara, DTM Renewal paid 9/30/18 paid thru March 31****
Beat the Clock Award
36. Diane Rene Renewal paid 9/30/18 paid thru march 31 2019!!!
37. Chris Gregory DTMx2
38. Deborah Mayers
39. Bethany Boring Renewal paid 9/30/18 paid thru March 31*********
40. Janice Law
41. Min Liu Renewal paid 9/30/18
42. Hariom Tatsat Renewal paid 9/30/18
43. Arthur Nazarian
44. Harry L. Johns, DTM Renewal paid 9/30/18
45. Sarah Lee Renewal paid 9/30/18
46. George Michael Jackiewicz (Welcome Aboard) Renewal paid 9/30/18
47. Isabel Y. Kadoorie, CC paid thru 9/30/18 paid thru March 31 ********
48. Imad Ghoummid Paid thru 9/30/18 paid thru March 31 2019********
49. Juli Foster Paid thru 9/30/18
50. Donna S Steckal Paid thru 9/30/18
51. Stefan Koeler Paid thru 9/30/18
52.Sunny Fridge, ACB, ALB 9/30/18 PAID RENEWED THRU MARCH 2019….
53.Joan K.L. Garner 9/30/18 PAID 36th member Paid renewal thru march 31 2019
54. Frank Rubio 9/30/18 PAID 37th member and renewed thru March 31 2019
55. Jose Nieto Paid thru March 2019***********

56. Linda Roth Paid thru March 31 2019**************
57. Jan Elrifaii Paid thru March 31 2019********
58. Alfonso Loureiro Paid thru March 31 2019***
59. Sophia Arroyo Paid thru March 31 2019**
60.Sheryl Poirier DTM thru March 31 2019
61.Gerard Ohanlon Paid Thru March 31 2019
62.Joanne Foster PAid Thru March 31 2019
Club sponsors 
Paul and William 
Club mentors Seth Hochman ACG ALB, Michelle Orsi,ACG ALB
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