Mini Facebook lesson – Facebook App called Pages – Did you know about it before this blog post?

Most welcome Guests, Fellow Toastmasters, and Guests,

There are a few guests reading this online too….
Our weekly role calls will inspire.
We have a full slate.
BOB, our Toastmaster of the day will have a packed meeting on Tuesday!
Lets pack it!!
We can hold 100 audience members!
Let’s do that!!
We provide the audience and the speaking platform and the BEST atmosphere to GROW and encourage leadership!!

How many of our members use a Facebook PAGE for another organization?

There’s your Facebook profile.  The Facebook pages are slightly different.

Did you know that you can manage Facebook pages with a separate Facebook app?

Try downloading on your phone, the Facebook app called FACEBOOK PAGES.

NEXT, ask me to add you as MANAGER to our Competitive Communicators Facebook page.

As a Manager of our Facebook page, you can open the app, Facebook pages,

and click the INVITE feature right from the app.

If all the members did that, we would be at 1,000 likes on our Club FB page in a heart beat.  Ba Ba Ba.  The sound of a heart beat.

Email or

and put in the subject, make me a manager of Club facebook page.

Thanks for helping promote this club!  Other clubs will see our great example.

We’ll be at 50 members FAST.

50 might seem high, but we can reach where clubs leave off.

We have the versatility, the flexibilty and more!

I’m planning some neat speeches and or table topic thoughts to share at upcoming meetings.

Talk about what’s happening at your land clubs in our online meeting.

Other clubs will get freaking cool ideas from us.  We seriously have tool to teach the world and teach other clubs.

Let’s max the learning potential.

Let’s kick up the passion in all of us.

Have a SUPER weekend!!

See ya next week!!

Oh, btw, I am so grateful to serve as Area Director in my home district.

I look forward to sharing speeches here about my journeys this year.

See ya soon,

Your enthusiastic Club President
Club Sponsor
Thank you for joining us on Tuesdays in advance! 
You could be anywhere on your Tuesday and you decided to advance yourself with us!
That is awesome!!!
It really is!!!


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