Diving​ ​Right​ ​In

By: Dawn Nocera, ACB
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I watched an interview with Steven Tyler, lead
singer of Aerosmith, where he demonstrated his
morning routine of jumping into the lake behind
his house. Every morning he starts his day by
diving into that lake, regardless of how cold it is.
After returning to Toastmasters from a 7 year
break, the only option for me is to dive right in to
those familiar waters. Before each new meeting
I feel like I’m standing at the shore line looking at
an icy cold lake, afraid of making too big of a
splash or no splash at all. A part of me wants to
retreat and crawl back to some warm cozy place
that looks a lot like Starbucks, and yet another
part of me wants to dive right in. Fortunately for
me, the part of me that wants to dive right in is
more persistent than the part that wants to

There is something unique and special about
Toastmasters that keeps me wanting to dive
right in. There is a sense of magic that comes
from being surrounded by people who come
together with a common goal. The goal I’m
referring to is the intention to better ourselves in
some small way.

When you are surrounded by people who are
diving in to new speeches, new thoughts and
new leadership roles every week, diving right in
feels natural.

So here I am diving back into Toastmasters with
a new club that meets in a new way, and
meeting new people who share one thing in
common. We are all diving right in to better
ourselves through our membership in

It is much more fun diving in together!

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