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Tuesday’s 7:30pm Eastern

You compete with yourself!

https://wp.me/p8Uroi-3o Cheat Cheat (Including Marty’s evaluation helper)

to run a portion of a Toastmaster meeting in 142 countries
( Need a little push or tip on how to do one of the Toastmaster roles?
This is the place.

Do you have a PDF you would like to share with our club and the world here? 

Email cc@competitivecommunicators.com and we can consider to add your pdf here and help MORE Future and Fellow Toastmasters)

10 Promises per member – Please Read number 11 and 12 as often as possibleNEW 

https://wp.me/p8Uroi-28 John’s 3 2 1 go method
Get the most out of ANY club you attend in the world in 142 countries

https://wp.me/P8Uroi-bx  FAQ How to get to meeting

https://wp.me/P8Uroi-bd  Club Dues and NEW memberships

https://wp.me/P8Uroi-bG  HALL OF FAME

https://wp.me/P8Uroi-bi  WIFI WEAK?

https://wp.me/P8Uroi-bl  IN THE NEWS

https://wp.me/P8Uroi-cf  NEW MEMBER KIT – Your mentor will give you the password

https://wp.me/P8Uroi-bK  SOCIAL MEDIA

https://wp.me/P8Uroi-aC  MAGAZINES

https://wp.me/P8Uroi-bR  UPDATED MEMBERSHIP LIST

https://wp.me/P8Uroi-7Q  NEWSLETTERS

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