Our first International Club Level Speech contest modeled after Districted speech contest rule book 2017 to 2018….


Hi CC Gang!!!

Congratulations for another FANTASTIC MEETING AND CONTEST!!!

Here is the replay from tonite’s meeting:

Coming soon…

I have heard so many great comments from members who made it to the meeting today!
First, I am  so sorry to hear the Daylight savings time news didn’t make it all the way to some of our Hong Kong members and Malaysia members.
Especially, I missed hearing 2 contestants.

Arranging a lot of the contest functionaries over this past week and up to the very minute, can take enormous effort and coordination.  Toastmasters trains us to be a better version of ourselves and to be the best leaders.

It is time to commend congratulate and Thank all our Team at CC club.  Every member!  Every role.  You and You!

Congrats to our Top vote getters in our club contest!!

1st place: Bethany Boring – Certificate – Our Video submission winner and top vote getter for this fiscal term 2017-2018 International Speech Contest
2nd place: Marty Greene – Certificate
3rd place: Teresa Palmer – Certificate 

And NOW it time to recognize ALL the functionaries…..

Ballot Counter Marla – Certificate
SAA Aaron – Certificate
Contest Master Tricia – Certificate
Contest chair Tricia – Certificate
Chief Judge Michelle Alba Lim – Certificate
Judges: Anonymous!!
Timer Michelle Orsi  – Certificate

Contestants – 
1.Teresa – Certificate
2.Bethany – Certificate
3.Aaron – Certificate
4.William – Certificate
5. Marty – Certificate

Thank you to ALL our guests and members in the audience….

ALSO, Congrats to FIRST TIME Contest Master, Tricia!!!

NEXT TWO meetings, Lance Miller and Sheryl Roush!!!!!

Buckle your seatbelts!!!!   Let’s FLY!!!

Kindest regards,
Paul Finkelstein
Club President

You compete with yourself


The Toastmasters Promise RULES HERE:

See www.FastStartcc.com for details on number 11 ans number 12 too……

If you love this club too, GIVE this site out to a friend, co worker, family member,

This is one of the ways our club continues to evolve, grow, and develop leaders….

ps. Anything I miss that should be on this page?

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