Are you brand new to Toastmasters? Have you ever been a guest to one of our meetings? Here are several full 90 minute meetings with a set agenda and mission to provide a safe family friendly positive environment to practice the art of public speaking and leadership. Afterall, the meeting does not run by itself. It takes members who take the Toastmaster’s Promise oath when they sign their application to join. Remember? There are 10 items on the application. The 1st one is attend meetings…..The only bells you might hear is the Ah bell. Breaking the Um ah so like ya know but and HABIT…To break a habit takes 21 days! Did you know that?????

Dear Member, most welcomed guests  and Dignitary,

Here are hours of planned Toastmaster meetings with an agenda for 3 speakers, 3 evaluators and a few helper roles.  The Team makes it happen.  Excellent Leadership lessons.  Excellent communication practice.  You can do it too.

Every Tuesday night 7:30pm EASTERN you are invited to be in our audience, learn what Toastmaster is all about, inquire about membership by clicking here, and mingle with our global audience right here from the comfort of your home or office.  You can also log in via only audio mode with blue tooth in your car and call us your TOASTMASTER RADIO OR TOASTMASTERS BROADCAST.  Education that comes to you.  FREE as a guest.  $59 for the first 6 months and $39 the next 6 months.  

Best Regards,

Paul S Finkelstein
Club President You compete with yourself!
Sign into a meeting by clicking through the meeting link!  It is THAT easy!
Where  Leaders are made!



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