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Paul Finkelstein (ACG ALB)

About Me: Club History.  Chartered July 2017.  As of April 12, 2018, we have 34 members PAID through September 30, 2018!  Implemented New membership info center: Thank you for being on our TEAM CC!  Updated membership list: Click here.  For me, it started when I walked into the room at West Boca Toastmasters at Olympic Heights High School which is a community club and open to the public.  That was about 4 plus years ago.  That is the meeting I made the commitment to make a better version of me.  You CAN too.  My wife and I touched base too briefly with a Toastmasters club in 2001 in Boca Raton, FL too for only a few months.  I only did 9 speeches and STOPPED.  Crazy right!  Right BEFORE the first goal of Toastmasters, The CC AWARD!  That is all history.  Live and learn from history.  Hopefully be inspired and encouraged by your history. Have you seen our HALL OF FAME YET? BestSpeaker.Online WOW!  I love how Toastmasters develops leadership and communication skills. will be an online Toastmasters club that meets weekly on Tuesday nights at 7:30pm EASTERN for a meet and greet and 8:00pm-9:00pm for its meeting. Public  speaking is a muscle. Use it or lose it.  Ready to join us? I also enjoy photography and 26.2 marathons. Both challenge us.  Pick up or camera or running shoes. I dare ya.  Walk or run.  Whatever you prefer.  Look forward to hearing you SPEAK and LEAD on Tuesday nights. Ready?   htttp:// I follow 9 Toastmaster clubs which you can visit in Miami to West Boca Raton, FL Check out MORE Toastmaster FUN at my site included here.  A 9th one is called Global Trainers Online.  I think 9 clubs is s t r e t c h i n g it.  Ya think? hehe.  I think I have got the average Toastmaster beat at the number of times as club VPPR.  I think I like it.  Mastering Social media can be daunting.  Just embrace it.  Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram are interesting animals.  Once you tame them, they ARE m a n a g e a b l e.  Really they are manageable.  Your smart device is your friend. Mobile makes it ALL easy.  Taking photos and videos on your phone can give you EASY PEASY content to share.  Anyone can do it if you really want to.  The key.  Promote ALL successes.  I mean it.  Every single time you have success.  Share it.  Success is inspiring and 100 times more exciting than venting on Facebook or political fighting and squabbling online.  To my successor leaders in this club and all club and all organiazations.  2 amazing secrets of LEADERSHIP.  Also, you can't force leadership.  You can ONLY inspire it by doing it correctly.  You do need to lead and make decisions.  A strong focus on encouragement and inspiration is necessary for successful leadership.  2 amazing words to help you share.  Be ENCOURAGING.  Be INSPIRING.  These words are designed to be very positive and friendly.  You can do it!   Go lead your club or group or business.  That's it period.  That is what I believe and i'm sticking to it.  Cheers! 

Joined Toastmasters: 2001

VP of Education

Martin Greene (CC, CL)

About Me: Born in Bayonne, NJ, grew up in Bergen County, graduated from U of Maryland with BS in Education.   After a 10-year career as an instrumental music teacher I transitioned to project and project controls management in the construction, engineering and IT arenas.  Began my Toastmasters journey with and currently President of Powerful Voices, a closed corporate club with FPL in Jupiter, Florida, where I work as a Project Controls Manager.  My wife Eleanor and I live in Palm City, Florida, where we enjoy playing tennis and golf.  We also co-own Elmar Life Solutions which provides services and products which enable our clients to enhance their lives through clean, healthy living and personal development.

VP of Membership

William Thomas (ACS, CL)

About Me: Hello all I am william thomas  I have been a Toastmaster for 15 wonderfiul years. Serve in the following club officrer roles Vice Presidentof Education, Vice President Of Membership , Vice President of Public Relation, Secrtary an Sergeant at arms. I love Swamming  fishing an going to movies  I do volunteer work with victims of rape as well as volunteer for the American red cross 16 years.I am a unlce of 15 neices an newphs also a grand uncle of two 1 grand newphs also 1Grand neice who I love to dead 

Joined Club: march 1,2017
Joined Toastmasters: octomber 1,2002


Marla Hochman


John Gentithes

Club Mentor

Seth Hochman

Club Mentor

Michelle Orsi

About Me: I started Toastmasters with the Huachuca Lunchtime Toastmasters on Fort Huachuca Army post in Arizona in July 2012. I remained in that club until we moved in 2015. In 2015 I joined the Gettysburg Addressers Club in Gettysburg PA and Competitive Communicators as a charter member in the summer of 2017.  My son, Joshua, is my biggest supporter and has done Toastmasters with me since he was 12. Together we have grown in our speaking skills and desire to lead effectively. Toastmasters gives me the courage to speak to groups of people about the things I have a passionate for. I enjoy the opportunities given to me to speak to an audience. I still get nervous, but often reflect on what my mentor in AZ once told me, "Get those butterflies into formation!" I like knowing nervers are ok and can exist, but that we can overcome them through continued practice. Toastmasters is Where Leaders Are Made - for sure!

Joined Toastmasters: July 2012

SAA Sergeant At Arms

Aaron Leung (ACG, ALB, IP5, VC5, PM5, DL3, Accredited Pathways Mentor)

About Me: A Toastholic that innovates and always think out of the box 😛  A jack-of-all-trades in Toastmasters (Tried almost everything..but still thinking something new) 😛  
Born in Hong Kong, grew in various places like sg, australia, uk, france, spain etc, currently working as a freelance criminal barrister. Always serve and welcome anyone into the club with open arms, will aim to be the person that makes you feel like home 🙂
If you have any questions about the club, other than finding our president trumper Paul, I could be of a great assistance to you too 😛
SAA of (& Chartering member)
Past Assistant Area O1 Director 2016-2017 D89
Founder & Club Counsellor of University of Birmingham Toastmasters Gavel Club (Gavel Club & With online attendance)
Emperor Mandarin Toastmasters (Club with online attendance)
VPPR of Canberra Advanced Toastmasters
Member of Hong Kong Toastmasters
Club Coach PolyU Toastmasters
Club Mentor UBS Toastmasters 
YLP Coordinator for QES & HCY Project Initiator & Chairperson of Project Infinity (Clubs with online attendance globally)
Pathways Pioneer for D89 Pathways Track: Innovative Planning & Visionary Communication, Presentation mastery, dynamic leadership
Accredited Pathways Mentor
Immediate Past President of Victoria Toastmasters 2017 -2018
Joined Toastmasters in 2006
Toastmasters International District 89

Joined Club: Hong Kong Toastmasters, Emperor Mandarin Toastmasters,, Canberra Advanced Toastmasters
Joined Toastmasters: since 2006

Member Extraodinaire

Tricia Grow (CC, CL, ALB)

About Me: Born in Rochester, Ny. Have lived in Pa 30+ years. Is both a brain tumor & breast cancer survivor. Joined Toastmasters to work on self confidence and to get more comfortable speaking in front of a group.

Joined Toastmasters: 5/2017

Florida ( Hall of Fame Admin - TY TY TY))

Evie Alexander (CC)

About Me: I'm an instructional designer who specializes in creating online training courses for K-12 education professionals. I enjoy studying about how the brain learns and remembers. I joined Toastmasters to finally overcome my fear of public speaking but stayed in Toastmasters because I love it! Competitive Communicators is my favorite club. The online speaking skills are immediately and directly transferable to my job. Looking forward to Pathways and being able to tailor my TM experience to pursue further professional development. You may see my parrot, Inca, or my dogs Piper, Willow and Gizmo during my speeches!

Joined Club: August 16, 2017
Joined Toastmasters: November 1, 2016

Chris Gregory (DTM2, QS, TEDx)

About Me: I've been a coach for over 50 years and a mentor for over 25 and Toastmasters has given me the segway to exploint the talents of helping others succeed. Mentoring is my passion and I have a belief that I follow: "Success doesn't lie in you but rather what you instill in others".
Dr. Ralph C. Smedly said: "Ours is the only organization I know dedicated to the individual, we work together to  bring out the best in each of us and then we apply these skills to help others."
Please note that the last 7 words say " we apply these skills to help others".
For me that means mentoring and that's what I do!

Jerry Lindsey

Joined Club: 11/1/2017
Joined Toastmasters: 11/1/2017

Min Liu

About Me: Located in Beijing but not a Beijinger, I have been following Toastmasters for quite a while and finally became a TM member in the year of dog (in case you wonder, I'm referring to the animal year on the Chinese Lunar zodiac calendar:-))!  An administrative member at International Coach Academy, a teacher and a translator, I'm currently also running a Wechat platform that is related to language learning. It's a virtue space where you may find a language partner from China if you happen to be learning Mandarin Chinese.   That's all about me at the moment. I'm very excited about my Toastmasters journey and look forward to listening to your stories and growing into a better communicator with all members of our online club! See you in the meeting!

Joined Club: Feb. 2018
Joined Toastmasters: Jan. 2018

Sue Ness (DTM)

Dawn Nocera (ACS, ALB)

About Me: Dawn Nocera is a success & abundance coach for creative coaches and maverick leaders, and co-founder of this club.   She has her ACB and is working towards her DTM.    

Joined Club: August 2017
Joined Toastmasters: July 2007

Tanay Kumar Saha

Joined Club: November 7, 2017
Joined Toastmasters: November 7, 2017

Michael Thorn (DTM x3)

About Me: Following a twenty-year career in the Air Force as a Command Pilot and Senior Staff Officer, Michael E. Thorn has led teams in the arenas of project management, information systems, and academia in the federal government and private sectors, domestically and internationally.  In addition, Mike has taught at the undergraduate and graduate levels for six different universities over a span of 40 years.  As the principal officer for GlobaLink Consulting, he forms and leads virtual teams for specific clients and purposes (e.g., TEDx events).  He is certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP), Six Sigma Black Belt, and Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM). 

Federico Varchavsky (CC, CL)

Joined Toastmasters: 2015

Adrienne Williams (ACB, CL)

About Me: I am a faith based virtuous woman, and a health advocate. 

Joined Club: 6/1/2017
Joined Toastmasters: 1/1/2011

Misako Yoke (ACS, ALB)

About Me: Misako Yoke is a Simplicity Expert, Certified Tiny Habits Coach. Published author in Japan, expanding her business in English speaking countries. A student of Stage Time University by 2001 WCP Darren LaCroix. Avid hiker, birder, stargazer, prone to pareidolia -- see faces in random objects. Mostly smiley faces.

Joined Club: 9/1/2017
Joined Toastmasters: 5/1/2015
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