Membership Renewal

We are online Toastmasters. Our membership fee includes dues to Toastmasters International and a small portion for our club’s operating cost. For Toastmasters International, semi-annual membership dues are $45. For our club portion, semi-annual membership dues are $5.25,
This is to cover our club’s operating cost: Zoom account, PayPal transaction fees, etc. Therefore, as a club member, you pay $50.25 semi-annually.

For Toastmasters International, your renewal payment is due twice a year, April 1 and October 1. To remain in good standing, your payment must be received by World Headquarters on or before the deadlines above.

To facilitate the volunteer work by our treasurer, please make sure your semi-annual membership fee is timely submitted in March/September for the next six-month period. Please pay your membership fee via PayPal.

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