Competitive Communicators Online Club Fall Workshop

Tuesday November 12, 2019 7:45 PM EST

Zoom Meeting Link:

If you are a guest, please fill out the form below the agenda. Members should sign up for roles/speeches or click on the “Planned Absences” button, below, to let us know you are not available.

As always, these meetings are recorded and any media may well be used to show the value and benefits of Competitive Communicators to the world.

Come and join the meeting from 7:30PM Eastern Time to have an informal chat and test your audio/video prior to the 7:45PM start.


Welcome 2019 World Champion of Public Speaking Aaron Beverly!

Speech Workshop: “Stories are Everywhere: How to Extract Quality Stories from Everyday Life.”

Sergeant At Arms:
Sunny Fridge, DTM
Open up the meeting, welcome guests….Show welcome presentation…Introduce President.

Tricia Grow, DTM
Conducts Introduction

Toastmaster of the Day:
Sunny Fridge, DTM
Introduces Theme and Roles

Isabel Kadoorie, CC, ALB
Read or share an inspiration quote to jump start the meeting in just 30 seconds…

Table Topics:
Tricia Grow, DTM

Question Master:
Tricia Grow, DTM
Record questions from members and guests during the workshop. Present them to the speaker during Q & A.

Michael Thorn
Timer for Workshop & Q&A

Guest Speaker:
Aaron Beverly (guest)
Topic: “Stories are Everywhere: How to Extract Quality Stories from Everyday Life.”

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