Toastmasters Meeting

Tuesday December 11, 2018 7:45 PM EST

Meeting Theme: Gifts

Celebrate the “gifts” in your life!

Sergeant At Arms:
Tricia Grow, ALB, ACS, L2 IP & L3 LD
Opens up the meeting and Welcomes Guests…Play welcome video. Introduce President.

Toastmaster of the Day:
Sunny Fridge, ACG, ALB
Introduce Meeting Theme. Describe the 3 parts of our meeting. Introduce inspiration segment. Introduces team members with speaking roles.

Inspiration – Read or share an inspiration quote to jump start the meeting in just 30 seconds…:
Sridhar Mukthineni (guest)

Ah Counter:
Min Liu
Share with guests how you keep track of our ahs, ums, ya know, so’s and double clutches during the meeting.

Nik Lakhani, CC ALB Pathways MS2 PM3
Grammarian brings a WOD – Word of the day to the meeting…You may SHARE your screen, and show a BIG FONT with your word in a document and using the WOD in a sentence and encourage us to use the word in all speeches, topics and evaluations, and other parts of the meeting…Also listen for use of grammar and word usage during the meeting..

Body Language Monitor:
Joanne Foster
Share how you will watch all members use of body language during ALL segments of the meeting.

Chat Monitor:
Sheryl Poirier, DTM
Follow the chat monitor during all segments of the meeting…Note any questions a guest might put in the chat or interesting chat discussion.

Matthew Smidl
Keep track of time at ALL segments of the meeting. Demonstrate timing for prepared speeches, table topics and evaluations..

William Thomas, ACG, ALB

Backup Speaker:
Back up speaker is very important…It has happened…Speakers get unexpected change in schedule and all of a sudden your UP and need to speak on a moments notice…REAL LIFE practice…Great stuff!!

Topics Master:
Aaron Leung, ACG, ALB, IP5, VC5, PM5, DL5, PWMENTORPGM
Share the purpose of table topics. It is not to stump members or guests. It is to help us think on our feet or seat! Remind members at the end of the meeting they will vote on best table topics speaker.

General Evaluator:
Teresa Palmer
Explain role of General Evaluator. Introduce evaluator of each prepared speaker..

Isabel Kadoorie
Nik Lakhani, CC ALB Pathways MS2 PM3

General Evaluator asks for reports from Ah Counter, Grammarian, Body Language and ChatMonitor and Timer.  Gives overall evaluation of meeting. Return control to Toastmaster of the Day.

Toastmaster of the Day thanks all participants.  Gives control back to President.

President – Business Meeting – Voting of Replacement Officers.  Members Vote by e-Poll for Best prepared speaker/Table Topics speaker/Evaluator. Thank Guests. End Recording.  Give control back to TMOD.

Toastmaster of the Day asks members to volunteer for roles for next meeting. Return control back to President.

President makes announcements. End meeting.

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