CC Toastmasters Meeting

Tuesday July 2, 2019 7:45 PM EDT

Zoom Meeting Link:

If you are a guest, please fill out the form below the agenda. Members should sign up for roles/speeches or click on the “Planned Absences” button, below, to let us know you are not available.

As always, these meetings are recorded and any media may well be used to show the value and benefits of Competitive Communicators to the world.

Come and join the meeting from 7:30PM Eastern Time to have an informal chat and test your audio/video prior to the 7:45PM start.


Meeting Theme

Not set

Sergeant At Arms:
Sunny Fridge, DTM
Open up the meeting, welcome guests….Show welcome presentation…Introduce President.

Tricia Grow, ALB, ACG, L4 IP & L4 LD
Conducts Introduction

Toastmaster of the Day:
Tricia Grow, ALB, ACG, L4 IP & L4 LD
Introduces Theme and Roles

Isabel Kadoorie, CC, ALB
Read or share an inspiration quote to jump start the meeting in just 30 seconds…

Ah Counter:
William Nelson Thomas Jr, ACG, ALB
Introduce role

Matthew Smidl
Introduce role and Word of the Day

Body Language Monitor:
William Nelson Thomas Jr, ACG, ALB
Introduce role

Chat Monitor:
William Nelson Thomas Jr, ACG, ALB
Introduce role

Gerard Ohanlon
Introduce role

Toastmaster  Introduce each speaker; allow 1 minute for feedback on chat window after each speech

Kannan Sankara, DTM

Backup Speaker:

Topics Master:
mei han

General Evaluator:
Sunny Fridge, DTM
Introduce role and ask for reports

Isabel Kadoorie, CC, ALB

Ah Counter – Report

Grammarian – Report

Body Language Monitor – Report

Chat Monitor – Report

Timer – Report

General Evaluator – Report

Toastmaster – Close Meeting

President – Votes, Guest Comments and Winners


Planned Absences – Only displayed for logged in members of this site

Glossary of Roles and Responsibilities

Sergeant At Arms

Open up the meeting, welcome guests….Show welcome presentation…Introduce President. Also, ensures link for latest agenda is available to members on chat.


Conducts introductions and welcomes guests and members

Toastmaster of the Day

Toastmaster describes the three parts of our meeting: Speaking (prepared speeches); Thinking (table topics); and, Listening (evaluations)


30 seconds to share an inspirational quote to jump-start the meeting

Ah Counter

Keeps track of our “ah’s”, “um’s”, “you know”, “so’s”, “double clutches” and “double starts” during the meeting. For more details click here


Brings a Word of the Day (WOTD) to the meeting. Encourages us to use the WOTD in all speeches, topics and evaluations, and other parts of the meeting. Also listens for use of grammar and word usage during the meeting, good and bad. When introducing the role, you may SHARE your screen, and show a BIG FONT with your word in a document with examples. For more details click here

Body Language Monitor

Watches all members use of body language during ALL segments of the meeting as well as the lighting, backgrounds and backdrops visible on screen.

Chat Monitor

Follows the chat window during all segments of the meeting.  Notes any questions a guest might put in the chat or other chat discussion.


Keeps track of time in ALL segments of the meeting.  At certain points will explain specific times allowed for speeches, table topics, etc. For more details click here

Topics Master

Runs the Table Topics segment which help us think on our feet with impromptu speaking.  Topics Master will pick 1-5 attendees to answer a question within the allotted time. For more details click here


Delivers a prepared speech from the Traditional Education Program or Pathways

Backup Speaker

Backup speaker is promoted to Speaker if one of the original speakers cannot take part for any reason.


Observes prepared speeches and offers their opinions in oral and written format.  These will be not just the content of the speech but its relevance to the project, speech structure, oral and visual performance of the speaker, etc.  Offers praise and commendations as well as recommendations for improvement. For more details click here

General Evaluator

Asks speech evaluators to deliver their reports.  Asks for reports from Ah Counter, Grammarian, Chat Monitor, Body Language Monitor and Timer. Then delivers a General Evaluator’s report on everything that has not already been evaluated. For more details click here

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