Tricia Grow
Pennsylvania, US
How do I count the ways in which Competitive Communicators has contributed to my growth as a Toastmaster and person? First, this club has made me feel accepted and was welcomed from the very first meeting. Second, I feel respected and depended on in a positive way. I have been challenged and assisted in helping this club present it’s very 1st online speech contest. I felt like I have been a contributing member. I’ve been called on to be President Pro Tem in a few cases that Paul was not able to make it, this helped me see myself as a competent leader :). Third, I truly feel friendships have formed between myself and members from all over the world, I really get to experience the International part of Toastmasters on a weekly basis, not just during World Champion Speech Contest once a year.
Saed Sulub
With being a full-time research student, I found this online club the most appropriate for me. I like the friendly and encouraging environment of Competitive Communicators (CC) club. I remember when I was giving my first three speeches, a mentor from the club was assigned to me and she guided me helpfully. Wherever you are, you can always join CC Toastmasters. Even if you are not yet ready to join, you can attend CC meetings as a guest. The most interesting thing for me is that I don’t have to worry about changing my club mates every time I switch to a new place.
Michelle Orsi
Pennsylvania, US
CCTM affords me an additional opportunity to practice my speaking skills, but with the twist of technology. This twist challenges me to continuously improve upon my computer weaknesses. I am learning a great deal and becoming increasingly comfortable before my online audience. CCTM extends the boundaries of my community and allows me to meet people across the world. I feel the flavor of our international club and expectantly look forward to each Tuesday.
Sunny Fridge         Mississippi, US

Lights..webcams…action! I love Competitve Communicators!  What attracted me to this online Toastmasters club was the convenience of being able to meet virtually, whether I’m at home or on the road. What has kept me in this club is the dedication of our awesome President, officers and diverse members to make each meeting an opportunity to grow into the person we have the potential to be.  Our club slogan is, “You compete with yourself.”  I’ve become more tech savvy as I hone my online presentation skills. I’ve become more confident.  And confidence breeds competence.

Fellow toastmasters and potential members…no matter where you are in your growth journey, Competitive Communicators can help you take your speaking and leadership skills to the next level and you’ll have fun along the way! Ready…set…grow!

Adrienne Williams
Florida, US
Competitive Communicators is a distinguished, diverse club that offers opportunities to network with others in Toastmasters. Our members are diverse, and have different levels of experience within the Toastmasters brand. Our President of the club is committed, and enjoys the Toastmasters experience. I can’t think of a better leader. He is such a giving person, and is actively engaged in the District, and the online world of Toastmasters. He is a funny guy, and that makes our club a little crazy, wild and fun. The online toastmasters clubs help you to elevate your style of speech. Speaking on camera is a different experience that can’t be explained. You will have to try it for your self. Be our guest and visit our online club.
Misako Yoke
Washington, US
“You Compete with yourself!” is a slogan of Competitive Communicators (CCTM) and that made me decide to be a member. Boy am I glad  I joined! Whether we like it or not, life IS a competition. But it is NOT a race against others. It is a competition only against ourselves so that we can tap into our unrealized potentials.  CCTM members are “Walk the Talk” people; competitive with themselves but supportive of each other. Join us; you will surprise yourself — That’s I can say for sure. I am a proud member of Competitive Communicators.
Robert Owens
New Jersey, US
Serious speakers need to be well-versed in online presentations. Competitive Communicators provides a comfortable atmosphere in which to practice one’s skills! The weekly format provides lots of opportunities to hone your style of online presenting and tweak as you go. A friendly group of worldwide friends provide a supportive structure to your learning. All of this within Toastmasters curriculum makes for a path to your success!
Teresa Palmer
Alabama, US
Competitive Communicators affords me the opportunity to interact with fellow Toastmasters around the globe. Each member brings their unique gifts to share. Competitive Communicators is an inviting, engaging club where all are welcome. Thank you for allowing me to learn, share, and grow in my Toastmaster journey!
Evie Alexander
Florida, US
Competitive Communicators is my favorite club! The online speaking skills are immediately and directly transferable to my job. Another aspect of Competitive Communicators that I appreciate is the diversity of club members. We have members of all ages, nationalities, and time zones! You cannot get these types of experiences in a traditional brick-and-mortar Toastmasters club.
 Aaron Leung
 After browsing and visiting ALL 100% online Toastmasters clubs,
I pick a prospective club (Competitive Communicators.com) because of it’s room for growth
and the openness on ideas and mindset. I am the type that seeks for self-improvements
and new ideas every time and this club is the ONLY club that achieve such feat.
I am honored to be its chartering member and SAA and get to see its growth till this very day.
Other than Paul, our founding president that encourages us along the way,
it makes me feel valued and wish to contribute to the team, despite my busy schedule
because of one key reason: The feeling of a family. I am someone that loves to innovate
new ideas and thoughts while bringing it to the club. I find positive energy within this
club and get connected to different Toastmasters around the world. It makes me miss the
internationalism that I am searching for, which I would not be getting from my home city.
“You compete with yourself” ? Take some time to visit us and be mind blown away by our hospitality, friendliness and diversity.
Chris Gregory
California, US
Competitive Communicators is quite an amazing club insofar as it lends itself to not just the local community but embraces modern internet technology and delivers the club atmosphere to the world.
Just think about it! With this technology we could have a Toastmasters Club in space! And believe me our speakers are incredible and some are out of this world. Boasting and hosting speakers from all over the world it has definitely become a gem in the Toastmasters World. Having been an IT Technical Support Engineer background and meeting Paul online I have truly been amazed in this club. Not just in the technology but in its integrity as well.

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